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Why we are Independent

It all starts with your business, rather than any network (operator) or technology (vendor). This is why IPknowledge is not tied to any single telecommunications infrastructure or communications technology. IPknowledge is independent and vendor-neutral, thereby following the footsteps of Booking.com and Uber, that not only deliver a high-quality service, but also allow their clients to be in full control of all service components. Our vendor neutral approach is an opportunity for customers to create significant flexibility: No more 'lock-in' with any single Telco! Enjoy the combined reach and capacity of multiple networks, rather than ‘just’ the network of your Telecommunications Service Provider.

Why we leverage the Power of Cloud

You want the best digital experience for your employees and clients. You want a single provider, to cover all your networking needs. IPknowledge provides a global and secure WAN, as-a-Service. By leveraging the power of Cloud, we deliver WANs that are agile, robust and flexible, with central visibility, control, diagnostics and restoration. Our global Cloud essentially consists of 5 integrated components ‘All in One’:

  • Global Backbone.
  • Cloud-Based SD-WAN.
  • Firewall as a Service
  • VPN access
  • Central management portal.
The IPknowledge Cloud was built to enable the protection of the corporate network from today's rapidly changing threat landscape. Its unique characteristic is the convergence of the networking and security pillars into a single platform. Convergence enables the collapsing of multiple security solutions such as a next generation firewall, secure web gateway, anti-malware, and IPS into a cloud service that enforces a unified policy across all corporate locations, users and data. The IPknowledge Cloud connects all enterprise network elements, including branch locations, mobile workforce, and physical and Cloud datacenters, into a global, encrypted and optimized virtual network. With all your WAN and Internet traffic consolidated in the Cloud, a broad set of automated security services are applied to protect this traffic at all times. The IPknowledge Cloud includes a backbone network includes over 45 PoPs (backbone nodes) worldwide. PoPs are interconnected with multiple tier-1 SLA-backed carriers. The use of this cloud backbone network offers our clients significant economies of scale as well as multiple layers of redundancy. Operation is seamless and continuously updated by dedicated networking and security experts, to ensure maximum service availability, optimal network performance, and the highest level of protection against emerging threats.

Why we work with Partners

We maintain partnerships with leading vendors of networking, monitoring, and security solutions. IPknowledge deploys, integrates and orchestrates these solutions. Combined with the bandwidth services from Telco's and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide, IPknowledge delivers to the exact communication needs of you as our client. With over 15 years of experience in making applications perform accross global networks, making visible such performance, resolving countless interworking issues, and delivering network solutions that work, we know what applications need from a network. Let us operate your network, so that you can focus on running your applications.

Why we deliver Internet economics

‘on demand’ consumption models bring flexibility, agility and the benefit of economies of scale. By leveraging what is already available at scale, we bring Internet economics to your network infrastructure. IPknowledge enables its customers to take advantage of affordable Internet lines. These Internet lines are available globally, and best sourced locally. These lines directly connect your worldwide branch locations into global cloud backbones with massive bandwidth, SLA-backed global connectivity, and cloud-based security. IPknowledge will ensure that your WAN traffic is securely transported using all Internet lines simultaneously, so that your corporate branch location can enjoy the sum of their combined capacity and reach. Consumer broadband lines can be added as well for extra digital performance and availability, at limited extra cost. This is how IPknowledge delivers superior service, reach and agility, while driving down your cost.

Why we are Different

Traditional global telecommunications operators typically provide services that are centered around their (often sizeable) networks. These infrastructures were typically designed decades ago, before Cloud even existed. In this digital age, traditional Telecommunications Operators may simply not be able to offer the level of customization and flexibility that is required by the customer of today. Corporate clients may start facing application performance issues due to lack of bandwidth. Another MPLS upgrade may simply be too costly. Growing complexity is another issue, as many add-on functionality is needed to get the application performance and security they actually require. Most traditional network services do not come with built-in security, forcing the corporate client to buy, install and maintain firewall devices. At IPknowledge we do not worry about (how to capitalize on) our network infrastructure, as we do not own any. As a Virtual Network Operator (VNO), we leverage the power of all networks combined. We select, contract and orchestrate the underlying network services on your behalf so that you as an IT Infrastructure manager no longer need to worry about it. Our singular focus is on your corporate application delivery. Our sole dedication is delivering WANs that are ‘always-on’: performant, secure and fail-safe, i.e.:

  • Application centric
  • Internet centric (SaaS, PaaS)
  • Network independent (Leveraging the strength of all available networks)
  • Eliminating on-site Routers, Firewalls, and WAN optimizers
  • Customized to your business needs (Configuration options)
  • Offering unparalleled visibility
  • Integrated with other network elements: LAN, Wifi, end-user devices
  • Interworking with the rest of your IT infrastructure

What is our history

IPknowledge BV was founded in 2004 and has a track record of success improving application performance for global enterprises within the Netherlands. For over 15 years, we have been doing nothing else but implementing and maintaining WAN optimization and performance visibility solutions. IPknowledge was in 2016 amongst the first to deliver succesfull SD-WAN implementations within the Netherlands. Since three years we deploy the latest SD-WAN, security and performance visibility technology, fully integrated within your corporate environment. IPK became specialist in orchestration of global SD WANs, thus handling all Operations & Support aspects for its clients, particularly the delivery & management of local Internet Access lines, worldwide. After its acquisition of SD1 Networks in 2018 to further boost its growth strategy, IPknowledge became the world’s first Cloud-Native Virtual Network Operator (VNO).

Why we are a Virtual Network Operator

To improve digital performance, today companies often consider the deployment of SD-WAN, allowing its users to abstract from specific networking 'underlays' and create a single virtual 'overlay' network. Not owning any network allows us to focus on offering the full range of enterprise WAN needs as a single, unified Managed Service: high-speed global Internet connectivity worldwide, edge SD-WAN, enterprise-class network security, cloud acceleration and optimized global mobile access. IPknowledge converges all these capabilities into a single cloud-based WAN, delivered ‘as a service’. Our 'network as a service' approach allows our customers to avoid lock-in with any single vendor and eliminate MPLS, network security and WAN optimization appliances, as well as most of their network operations. Our clients simply enjoy an optimal and secure network service, to all branch locations, mobile users, and cloud resources.

Why we provide 24/7 Service Assurance

Your WAN service is being assured, day and night, thus enabling your corporation to deliver continuous and secure digital performance to customers, employees and partners alike. This commitment is backed up by our Digital Performance Center (DPC) in Amsterdam. Our DPC pro-actively monitors your critical WAN service components around the clock. The DPC is staffed with 20 operators and network engineers who are ready to act and remediate any issues. This is how we ensure continuity of bandwidth speeds and application response times, for all your locations, globally.

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