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Upgrade your MPLS WAN

Your MPLS WAN was designed in the past. As you roll out SaaS and PaaS, you need it to access the Internet directly from your branch offices or retail shops. But what about security? Choose IPknowledge ONE-WAN for a future proof service.

Improve VPN performance

In case of multiple offices abroad, VPNs may be utilized to secure information streams over the Internet, for instance IPsec or SD-WAN. Internet performance issues should be avoided, as it affects the applications utilizing the IPsec tunnels. IPknowledge offers various solutions to improve the performance despite a poor (Internet) 'underlay', even without you adding any new connections! This may involve WANoptimization, connecting via a ‘cloud-based backbone’ to shorten the path, optimizing your Internet routing (BGP table), etc.

Cloud WAN

You are a distributed large enterprise with no IT staff in your branch offices. You find SD-WAN too complex. You are looking for advanced security with an affordable global, SLA-backed backbone in the Cloud. You want control over your network and security infrastructure yet gain the agility and scaling benefits of a cloud service. You want to improve global application delivery such as O365, Sharepoint, voice call quality, ERP refreshes. You want a central management application with full visibility & control over your global network and security infrastructure, and manage everything from one central interface. No backhauling of Internet- and cloud-bound traffic. More resiliency by elimination of single point of failures in your network design. Dual active Internet lines connecting every location to your cloud backbone. Mobile employees also connect to your cloud backbone directly from their handheld devices. Internet- and cloud-bound traffic are sent directly onto the Internet; enterprise WAN traffic sent across your optimized cloud backbone to the appropriate location. IPknowledge offers ONE-WAN as well as various custom-built solutions to ensure your critical business applications always are swiftly and securely reachable, even without an MPLS network or any other dedicated connectivity to those clouds.

WAN Optimization

WAN optimization improves performance of applications using low-bandwidth, high latency connections. This WAN edge technology reduces the effects of increased latency, and bandwidth reduction. For over 15 years, we have been doing nothing else but implementing and maintaining WAN optimization and performance visibility solutions. 'WANop' devices are placed at the WAN edge, basically to minimize the effects of that same WAN: increased latency and/or reduced bandwidth (throughput). The significance of both ''wide-area' factors typically grows with geographical distance. WANop devices also reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to connect remote branch locations. Hence a trade-off exists between the deployment of WANoptimization devices and the bandwidth capacity needed. The downside of WANop devices is that they introduce additional cost and complexity. IPK can assist you to find out when to deploy them and ensure they are really contributing. A key benefit of the ONE-WAN solution is that essential WANop functionality is already included, as part of the ONE-WAN cloud.

Performance visibility

Ensuring Digital performance starts by obtaining insight, i.e. to make it visible. For over 15 years, we have been doing nothing else but implementing and maintaining WAN optimization and performance visibility solutions.

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